and a bit of progress

its slowly coming along

my oh so fabulous..we are coming soon sign, i cant tell you how many people have just wandered in here....asking what is this going to be?
and the organization starts
one thing i realized is that fabric is really heavy when you have to move a bunch of bolts
oh my back, oh my back
and the finished fabric wall...and i realize that i still have a lot of space left....hmmm


new re-ments coming on wednesday

fairytale tableaware...super cute tea sets all with fairytale themes...10 different kinds

kawaii kitchen....all things kitchen..10 different sets
i just had to show this...a re-ment christmas...he joined us on the dinner table, thank you lizelle for the extra decoration.

updates on the red influenced building (our new shoppe)

this is the shoppe before they moved their stuff out...retired reality office, the corner that you see will hopefully a little class room for teaching sewing..(rubbing hands together with huge smile, hehe)
first customer...no no, my neighborhood bartender, though he claims that he sews and is making pillows for his work.

so when you walk in the door...this is who you'll see...me,owner of a business that is in a actual building. no more waking up and staying in my pj's going to my computer, i'll actually have to go somewhere for work.
anyways,this front room will be filled with fabric lining the walls. we are waiting for our astro turf to come in for the flooring. hey it is half a bike rental shoppe.

there should be no reason people are late bring the bikes back.

this is a inside view from the front, ill be there, as shown in picture below..though with no bud light lime bottle. if you look to the left of the picture, that green thing is my chalkboard that i painted on the wall. if you have ever used it, its like glue...not easy to use, can't wait to try it.



ahhh...happy birthday to me...

ao if i had oodles of money to spend on myself for my birthday...my fabulous cake would look something like this, but you know i dont think id ever eat it. i really wonder how they taste? does it taste better than my yummy hostess cupcake? it could be a toss up.

well well, im turning the big 32..hmm that doesnt sound that exciting when i type it. 32, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32...okay a little better, though it still means im going to get carded for the umptenth time when i buy myself bud light lime, i always tell them its the sunglasses and spf in my moisturizer (notice how i dont say lotion, did i even spell the 'm' word right, hmm) that keeps me looking like im 17....which sounds great until you want a pack of smokes and have to trudge all the way to your car in the pouring rain, to get the piece of plastic that tells them you really are old enough. and mind you, very wize.

cheers to all the christmas babies, the ones who get forgotten, the ones who just get one gift, the ones who get the bday gift in xmas paper, the ones who's grandmas send them christmas sweaters that you can only really wear that one fabulous day of the year..

merry birthday


a day in the life of a self employed mom

5:30 am - husband comes home from a long night of brewing super yucky beer...we prefer german beer, so its all yucky if it isn't...wait i lied...we like bud light lime
5;45 am - i fall back to sleep hoping he hadn't turned up the heater to boil me alive
7:00 am - wake up, wake up child
7:05 am - wake up child again
7:10 am - shake child awake...and she is past the shaken baby syndrome age...thank god
7:11 am - go to porch to freeze my arse off while i smoke a cigarette...oops did i say that...yes i smoke..its taking the bad years off, the diaper years, the drooling years, the "who are you again, i cant believe you are my child years"...at least that is what i tell myself
7:14 am - come back in to the house, partially frozen and smelling not so lovely....sit in front of the computer and check my email, check etsy, check email again...and ponder why i have no sales...hmm i tell myself its the holidays...secretly stressed out
7:30 am ...yell to child from computer....ARE YOU READY , YOUR GONNA MISS THE BUS!!!
7:31 am - child yells back...IM BRUSHING MY HAIR, DOES IT LOOK BOUNCY?, i yell back...LOOKS BOUNCY, lets go
7:40 am - search around for keys, get child ready, make sure child has back pack, insturment (depending if it is tuesday or thursday) wait....what day is it...damn check the calander..okay lets go
7:45 am - back from dropping off sed child to bus stop, disrobe gigantic coat that makes me look like a snowman from a bad eighties movie, head to the bed where i first freeze my husband...which i secretly enjoy...then fall peacfully back to sleep.
11:30 - 12:30 am/pm - depending on the day...i get up, groggy and needing my triple expresso fix...im not joking about this, i drip expresso with a bit of organic sugar, the organic parts makes me feel better about myself...considering i just took off another year of my life with the caffine.
12:40 pm - check etsy, check email, check etsy, check email...check forums, read blogs, tell people i posted on my blog, check views on my shoppe
1:30 pm - print out orders, check etsy, check views...wonder how to get more sales..try to be super quiet to not wake sleeping beauty of a husband (ps sleeping beauty has a mohawk)
1:50 pm - depending on amount of orders.....cut fabric, fold fabric, pack fabric...and repeat
3:00 pm - log onto paypal and fight with the usps shipping tool on paypal...at least im saving 5%
on shipping, am i really saving 5%...spending many minutes figuring out who's husband belongs to which wife's order......hooray for husband's paypal account. what is he buying?
3:40 pm - check etsy, check email, check etsy, check email...check forums, read blogs, tell people i posted on my blog, check views on my shoppe
4:00 pm - sed child comes home from school...convo sounds like this...
me: how was school?
sed child: it was great?
sed child: i'm hungry?
sed child? can i get on the computer
me: im working....even though im reading blogs...that counts doesn't it?
sed child goes to fridge digs around, finds food, turns on tv, asks me a bunch of questions i really dont listen to and give hap hazard answers...as im thinking ssshhhs..im trying to relist here.
4:20 pm - oh s%&t i have to go to the post office....i want everyones stuff to get there super duper pronto style.
4:45 pm - at the supermarket again...what the heck did i need, hmm those fabulous chocolate cookies look fab, and that great cheap bottle of rose wine, yumm ........ oh dinner, whoops forgot about that.
5:00 pm- get home, check etsy, check email, check etsy, check email...check forums, read blogs, tell people i posted on my blog, check views on my shoppe
5:10 pm- check etsy, check email, check etsy, check email...check forums, read blogs, tell people i posted on my blog, check views on my shoppe
6:00 pm- husband leaves for work, im sad

and now its 10:05 pm and im still on the computer, blogging, checking emails, checking etsy



im moving shoppes

as i had mentioned before..im opening a brick and mortor business...so going to be moving etsy shoppes (cause you cant change your name).

service will be exactly the same, same great fabric, same great japanese miniatures.

im giving 10% off on all purchases from adele hartlep, and giving a free fat quarter away from rainbow fabrics if you mention something about moving in the note to seller.

thank you all

my re-ment giveaway winner

thank you all for entering but the winner was Jessica from flashframe on etsy.

here is a peek at her shoppe


brick and mortor baby....brick and mortor

so the signage is a work in process...my husband and i decided to open a business in our town, we found this fabulous little building right off the main street next to a super busy coffee spot. the buildings rent was so super cheap, we couldnt pass it up

the building
when you walk in the door..we are going to tear out the door and the wall that you see when you first walk in...this is where my fabric business will live....i plan on selling my fabrics here too ..i also opened a new fabric shoppe on etsy.. rainbow fabrics, so everything has the same name (i think in time i will phase out adele hartlep)...and renting beach cruisers

we live in this great little resort town in northern california...20 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to a national redwood park...its beautiful

this is where i think i will hold sewing classes and the bikes will be stored on the other side of the wall on the right.

im excited


tutorial four - making miniatures into jewelry

the easiest thing in the world ...if you have a few key items
* super sticky glue..i used dazzle tac (jewelry grade glue)
glue was used to glue the pie and fork to the ring, and to glue the pie to the pie pan
* ring bases bought from halolo at etsy
base was used for the ring
* japanese miniatures
* lighter and needle
the lighter and needle was only used to make a hole on the apple pie necklace.

let the fun begin


re-ment giveaway........

rules for the giveaway.......
1. post a comment about what you would do with the miniature smoothies if you won them
2. please don't forget your email address, so i can contact you.
3. enjoy your day

my daughter will pick the winner on december 6th in the nighttime
thank you all for participating


so a few new things..

i get to choose what i sell as a supplier, with most of my fabrics, i sell them cause i love them. i pick them cause i love the designs......and now i found something else to love. and super cute.

re-ment..miniatures food and such. these things make great funky jewelry, i got my two good rings..the wedding band and the eternity ring...but besides those i love fun and funky jewelry and i imagine there are a few more like me.

so im expecting my order next week and i'll start supplying them through my etsy store and try and make some jewelry to sell it locally in my town. (we'll see about that though)...don't get me wrong love my fabric but am so excited


my favorite shoppe fabrics

dogs by heather ross, freespirit fabrics...i love the print, it has a chihuahua in a teacup and the pink makes a great accent color. another thing about freespirit fabrics is that they can be so soft...this one feels so nice to the touch

evening light by tina givens, freespirit fabrics...the buggies..its another great contrast thought not as soft as the dog fabric

jewel mobile by alexander henry...the colors are nice and muted, great color palette. i think this could be used in alot of different projects

koto by alexander henry...i love dragons, born in the year of the dragon, beautiful pink color with beautifully illustrated flowers.

so these are my favorites for now, but that changes often

im having a sale.....all fabrics

my new favorite movie

i was up late on election night and was watching previews on ondemand...in the brief 30 second clip i was hooked...i don't particularly like old movies, this one was made in 1967 and was then nominated for 10 oscars, won two.

its about two people who meet and fall in love in hawaii, then they decide to get married after ten days. the whole story is about how they tell there parents and the parents reaction...both sides being supposed liberals. its funny but in a very subtle way

i was laughing so hard, great love story, amazing acting...i can't tell you how much you will enjoy this fabulous movie.


the evolution of my banner.....what fun

this is number one...can't you tell..yuckie

this is number two...even though i think i had one in between there, a bit better, but had the most run time

my two sale banners, the newest one actually inspired me to design a new banner for my shoppe...i really didn't like the old one

and here is my new one, actually quite please with it...i found a suggestion to use power point...fabulous idea...i wish i could remember the thread.

love to hear what you think

testing testing..1,2,3

i have a new idea about how to feature my etsy buyers...i want to see if it works.

i want to put up a picture of there item made with fabric purchased from my shoppe and also put up a etsy mini for them......

it works....just had to go to edit html and and paste the code...good


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...im bored

im sitting patiently infront of my computer...waiting, waiting, and waiting some more till my friend miguel, who is staying with me this weekend, and my husband to get up.

its freaking 12:40, the kid is out of the house..im hungry..i want food..
okay given we stayed up a bit last night, went dancing at my tiny towns (pop 1030) fabulous gay bar...is one of four in the town. it was great i actually felt like i was in the city (san francisco) but with only a 5 minute drive home...can't beat dancing and redwoods in your backyard.

should i wake them...should i watch a movie...should i etsy...should i forum....i sure don't want to clean....yuck, maybe i can start making a bit more noise, maybe that will wake miguel up out of his snoremacous..



give away winners

my beautiful daughter drew the winners ...hopefully you can see the numbers ( i always wondered what to do with my massive bottle cap collection)

to make the fairest drawing, i found out the number of comments and numbered bottle caps to correspond with the amounts of entries.. put them in a bowl and had my lovely daughter pick them..

congrats to the winners
jennifer ladd
dragonfly designs