made by jessica de cicco-carey

this is my very first pictures of work that was received from one of my customers. jessica made this lovely clutch using fabric from heather ross, mendicino line, underwater sisters in aqua.

it still amazes me what you can create from a simple piece of fabric...and a few notions

if you would like to view more of jessica's work stop by her shoppes



my fabric store field trip...............

.........and why it makes me love etsy even more.

so i work from home, and i only really get out during the week is to go to the post office. and thank gosh i get enough sales that i go every day...thank god.

after many a day on the computer doing fabric research and listing fabrics, taking pictures, making phone calls and blah blah blah. i decided to take a field trip to my near by fabric stores. i need to touch someone else's fabrics, check their prices, and see what type of selection they were offering.

first stop a little shop called material girl or chic, my bad. in santa rosa. they had a great selection, nice and bright. fabrics from the regulars. robert kaufman, a. henry, freespirit, moda, and so on.

joanns...same stuff like they always have, bland florals, cheap feeling cottons...but they do have a great novelty fabric selection...and if you look real hard when walking down the rows you can spot a alexander henry fabric every so often.

the next stop was quilting bee, cute little shop. not that bright of a selection. i say i liked a handful.

the thing that caught my eye the most, and makes me love etsy, was the prices...everything runs around 8.99 to 10.99. except joann's....

thank you fellow etsian fabric sellers...i love fabric and i love my sewing machine.


my customers and their work

I would love to put up all the handmade goods that are made with the fabric that is bought from my etsy and dawanda shoppes.

I know some of my customers that buy my fabric sell there goods on etsy and dawanda. I want to be able to give them another opportunity to show there creative designs and also give my customers that just make stuff for themselves or friends.

If you are interested in this, please email me with a description with your name and any other information that you want to be shown and a picture to my email.


thanks a bunch shannon

and i hope to see your beautiful creations soon


If you want to have a good laugh...

for me this site is absolutely hilarious....it has a few questionable situations, like peeing on a fly then it accidently flys in the guys mouth....that is about the worst of it.

this is a korean based website, its in half english and half korean, about a cartoonman named boomba, each epsiode is about boomba trying to win over his girl but each time making a fool of himself, in very funny situations. set to numerous songs that are from the 80's and early nineties.

i have watched these numerous times and each time i am laughing so hard.


!!!My First Fabric Sale!!!

so i decided to hold my first fabric sale, alot of my intent behind this is to lessen the amount of fabric stock I have, so that i can order more....hence offer more products to my customers.

all freesprirt fabrics are on sale, fabrics from the park slope collection, annabella, garden party, and from the brand new line by heather ross.

the sale is from today the 5th of august to the 8th of august.

$3 for half yards and $6 for full yards.

I'll let ya all know how it goes.


I hit a hundred sales!!!!

I just wanted to say that I hit a hundred sales on etsy!

I have had my shop opened for 2 months, and I finally hit that number! In the two months time I have learned alot about running my own business, never thought I would say that at 31. It has been quite a little adventure.

With out the help of other etsians, it would have been alot bumpier than it has been. The vast variety of information that you can get from the forums is fabulous.

I suggest that if you use etsy for either selling or buying, make good use of the forums.

well, thats all for now...