my fabric store field trip...............

.........and why it makes me love etsy even more.

so i work from home, and i only really get out during the week is to go to the post office. and thank gosh i get enough sales that i go every day...thank god.

after many a day on the computer doing fabric research and listing fabrics, taking pictures, making phone calls and blah blah blah. i decided to take a field trip to my near by fabric stores. i need to touch someone else's fabrics, check their prices, and see what type of selection they were offering.

first stop a little shop called material girl or chic, my bad. in santa rosa. they had a great selection, nice and bright. fabrics from the regulars. robert kaufman, a. henry, freespirit, moda, and so on.

joanns...same stuff like they always have, bland florals, cheap feeling cottons...but they do have a great novelty fabric selection...and if you look real hard when walking down the rows you can spot a alexander henry fabric every so often.

the next stop was quilting bee, cute little shop. not that bright of a selection. i say i liked a handful.

the thing that caught my eye the most, and makes me love etsy, was the prices...everything runs around 8.99 to 10.99. except joann's....

thank you fellow etsian fabric sellers...i love fabric and i love my sewing machine.

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