tutorial one....fabric art

yeah...my first tutorial, i wanted to show that fabric has many uses...even without a sewing machine

step one...measure the fabric to the canvas, leaving enough room to wrap around when done

step two... ironing on the fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric...(making an iron on patch..applique)

step three....draw what ever shape you want on your fabric using a fabric chalk stick

step four...after making all your iron applique pieces, time to figure out the layout.. after making this i realized that i should have used a better background fabric...oops

step five....iron it all on, remember to be careful taking off the backing

step six....now place your canvas on the fabric and use hot glue to attach the fabric onto the frame

finish product...yeah .....but my back hurts now,

and because it is my first tutorial, i'm giving 10% off your fabric order at my shoppe..adelehartlep....just type in tutorial one in message to buyer, and ill discount through paypal.

i'd love to hear what you think...cheers shannon


Dina Cuomo said...

Nice tutorial- I hope to do one soon!

AccentEnvy said...

Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

gina said...

quite fab - i'm going to try it! which webbing do you use? (sticky back)

adele hartlep said...

yup use sticky back webbing