halloween special

just for halloween...cheers

tutorial three...fabric silhouettes, ouch i almost stapled my finger, but not quite.hehe

doggie trio....
using fabric from heather ross's lighting bugs and other mysteries. i was searching online the other day and came across martha stewart's website...i am still amazed at how creative that woman is... bless her soul (i think we still all remenber). so, i found this how to by anna marie homer, she designs fabric for freespirit, i thought it would go well with my no-sew fabric tutorial series...this is number three. so on we go, its super easy..and lots of fun

step one ...covering the frame
* i used ready to paint canvases that i bought at beverly's for super cheap, cut the fabric so it is a bit bigger that the board, making sure that the is enough to wrap around the frame and touch the wood.
*break out your staple gun, start on one side, then go to the other side...making sure to pull the fabric snug...tight, tight, and tight. i didn't pull mine tight enough so there are wrinkles in it now after applying the modge podge.
*then work your way around the frame until the fabric is stapled all the way around, and it doesn't have to be perfect on the back...that part will be facing the wall.

and wah lah..it should look like this..but with your fabric.;)

step four..the modge podge

*the easiest step...just paint over the canvases with modge podge and then let it dry for a good bit
*and now you have fabulous glossy..or matte if you swing that way..fabric covered canvases, p.s. i almost didn't want to paint over them. and you see the wrinkles..tighter, opps!
step something ...sorry no picture
* find a picture or image of what you want to paint, cut it out and make it into a stencil
*using a pencil trace or freehand, if you are brave onto the canvas

last step...home free home
* now you got choices, you can either paint around the image or paint inside the image...half full or half empty?
* let dry and insta art with beautiful fabric..


first giveaway....heather ross half yard fabric trio

in celebration of creativity, i'm gonna host my first blog giveaway.... two prizes!!!!!
1st prize - 3 half yards of heather ross's lighting bugs and other mysteries fabric (pictured above).
2nd prize- two fat quarter of either three of the fabrics pictured above...put in which you would prefer, if you forget, i'll have my daughter pick the two.

for a complete entry please answer a few questions regarding fabric and a bit more..my lovely ten year old daughter, Celia, will choose a first place winner and a second winner at random on the 2nd of november at 8 o'clock pacific standard ( i have to get her in bed for school the next day)..this giveaway is opened to everyone, us and international. please make sure to give me your email (winner will be notified this way, and also posted on my blog...don't forget)

and now...The questions...
1. What designer or fabric company do you like the best?
2. What are your favorite fabric colors?
3. What designs to you tend to me drawn to the most?
4. What lovely things do you create with fabric?
5. What types of fabric would you like to see more of?
6. What type of service do you expect when buying from etsy sellers?
7. What brings you back to a blog or what holds your attention?
8. Which is your favorite of the three fabrics pictured above?

Thank you so much for partcipating, im so excited....


in celebration of dia de los muertos

a few items made by fabulous etsy shoppes .............
now for a bit of information..
Scholars trace the origins of "dia de los muertos" the modern holiday to indigenous observances dating back thousands of years, and to an Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess called Mictecacihuatl in enlish " lady of the dead".
The observance of the holiday is on the first and second of november, with a connection to the catholic holidays ..."all saint's day" and "all soul's day", which " all saint's day " on the first celebrates all saints known and unknown who have attain beatific vision in heaven ( eternal and direct perception of god enjoyed by those in heaven). The second " all soul's day" commerates the departed faithful who have not yet been purified and reached heaven.

In most regions of Mexico, November 1st honors deceased children and infants where as deceased adults are honored on November 2nd. Generally referring to November 1st mainly as "Día de los Inocentes" ..day of the innocents, but also as "Día de los Angelitos" ...day of the little angels and November 2nd as "Día de los Muertos" or "Día de los Difuntos" ..day of the dead.

just a bit about dia de los muertos..(wikipedia helped me out, they have a lot more on it too..) i have to say i never knew about the all saints day and all souls day... im glad im still learning something new everyday, i know my parents would be very proud of me if they could see me know. i love you both very much and miss you even more, more than you can imagine.

featured shoppes
1. dia de los muertos magnets...pinksweetie
2. mariposa...sugarskullz
3. saint peter shrine...snowowl
4. sugar skulls hat...nbbwear
5. dia de los muertos girls dress...hipsterbaby


im so excited

i just can't hide it...im so im so im so excited...

my girlfriend is coming to cali and i haven't seen her for 17 years..we were best friends in middle school..here i go dating myself again...i can't wait

she lives in georgia now...which feels like the other side of the world...woo hoo


i made a friend today ......

from etsy. i was looking to start a group to meet once a month and i met this fabulous lady that sells fantastically gory barbie dolls.

it was so nice to make a friend, since i have lived in my new town for almost a year( pop. 1000)..and haven't met anyone that i would want to chat with.. the few people i talk to are the post man at usps.. and hmmm i think that is all...wait , wait i chat with my daughters friends but thats just to say hi and tell them not to touch are super meany head jack russell..that will bit you..let me say that again...he will bit you

im happy someone to chat with and talk about grown up stuff, mom was right it is harder to make friends when you are older, everybody is busy...and i never leave my house, well i do but not enough...thats the bad thing about working from home...

well thats all for now..until later....and i didn't eat my new friend....im a vegetarian


so im a horror movie buff........

i have to say it... i love horror movies, absolutely love them.....so i tend to things that can be a bit yuckie.. i grew up on freddie

i was looking to start a group of etsy sellers that are from around my area, i live in a super small town with maybe 300 houses, that is close to a resort town, guerneville, california. beautiful redwoods, great river, and a vast variety of personalities...

i found a seller who makes items not seen that often on etsy...mrsevils

her work is a bit different than most...but great descriptions, and barbie has so many different points of view


etsy featured seller...lockette

i found this great etsy shoppe, lockette, she lives in vancouver.

she makes beautiful stationary and tags...using fabric, her designs are simple yet fabulous.

her blog..... thelocker

Fabric Paper - Round - Set of 8 - Pink and Green - Made with Amy Butler Fabric

Sweet Christmas Treats - Set of 8 Fabric Stationery Set - Gingerbread and Candy Cane


tutorial two - fabric covered magnetic rack with fabric magnets

here goes for my second tutorial on using fabric without a sewing machine.....or how many different ways you can use a glue gun, without burning and gluing your fingers together

the supplies....trusty glue gun, some sort of cutting device...i like my rotary cutter, fabric...either one fabric for both the magnets and rack or two for contrast...i choose contrasting, buttons to cover plus the mold and pusher, magnets, and the magnetic rack...here we go!!!

step one ...cut out a round piece of fabric, i eyed how big they need to be and it doesn't have to be a perfect circle, the closer the better though. make sure that the fabric circle is big enough to cover the mold and remember big enough that when you push the button into the fabric that you have enough fabric coming out .

step two....put the fabric over the mold making sure that is covering the mold evenly, then take the button and push it into the mold. take the pusher and push the fabric into the mold over the button, this will make sure that the fabric doesn't come out of the button...which can happen but is easy to fix...just undo the button from the mold and reposition. then take the cover and push into the mold making sure to get all the fabric covered with the cover...give a good push and wahlah....fabric button

step three...now to turn the button into a magnet....you won't believe how easy this is.....just glue the magnet on the back...the easiest step...now the fun part, watch the fingers

step four....make sure to step this up on something that you don't mind getting covered with glue, i used a flat rate box from usps. first glue the fabric ends to the rack, make sure to glue the fabric the attach to the rack...if you don't it may not stick. make sure to pull the fabric firm.. next glue down one side of the fabric to the rack...watch the fingers and the glue strands...it can get messy. now on the last side to be glued down, i made a glued hem so it looks more seamline, after i glued the hem, i pulled the fabric and glued it down......guess what?! your done...

and if you made it through this tutorial...and need some fabric, ill give you 10% off your fabric order...just type in tutorial two.

also i will soon be selling the kits to make these little beauties.....so check back at my shoppe...
thanks a bunch and cheers


redesigning my work space

i started my business in the beginning of june, and my workspace is on my enclosed porch, which was great during the summer...nice and warm....i sit on my computer and look at the redwoods.

but now the rain is coming and i need to move everything inside, but create a space in my sitting room that doesn't resemble a fabric store....

so on saturday i'm going to trusty old ikea, and buying furniture to create a living workspace....(so you don't see fabric and such everywhere)

wish me luck...and ill post the finished product with before and after pictures


i just bought my first x-mas gifts...from hoyden designs on etsy

Hoyden Designs...original art full of whimsy

this is exactly how it happened...i was in etsy forums searching for craft blogs, came across a thread, then came across her blog ...hoydendesigns... , i have to say i was so please, her art work is amazing and slightly inspired by Jane Austin.

i had bought this great book from barnes and noble, cheap and beautiful....after i saw her shoppe and saw that she sold bookmarks... i knew what my female family members where getting.

the book and one of her bookmarks.....

if you get a chance take a look at her shoppe...it is so worth your time, hoyden designs