first giveaway....heather ross half yard fabric trio

in celebration of creativity, i'm gonna host my first blog giveaway.... two prizes!!!!!
1st prize - 3 half yards of heather ross's lighting bugs and other mysteries fabric (pictured above).
2nd prize- two fat quarter of either three of the fabrics pictured above...put in which you would prefer, if you forget, i'll have my daughter pick the two.

for a complete entry please answer a few questions regarding fabric and a bit more..my lovely ten year old daughter, Celia, will choose a first place winner and a second winner at random on the 2nd of november at 8 o'clock pacific standard ( i have to get her in bed for school the next day)..this giveaway is opened to everyone, us and international. please make sure to give me your email (winner will be notified this way, and also posted on my blog...don't forget)

and now...The questions...
1. What designer or fabric company do you like the best?
2. What are your favorite fabric colors?
3. What designs to you tend to me drawn to the most?
4. What lovely things do you create with fabric?
5. What types of fabric would you like to see more of?
6. What type of service do you expect when buying from etsy sellers?
7. What brings you back to a blog or what holds your attention?
8. Which is your favorite of the three fabrics pictured above?

Thank you so much for partcipating, im so excited....


Jen said...

1. No real favorite (anything bright and fun)
2. reds and yellows
3. right now I would say polka dots and stripes
4. pillows, curtains, anything really
5. Organic cotton
6. I want friendly, fast service
7. Giveaways are always fun!!!
8. The brightness of them (especially the center one)

Thanks! That was fun! -10oneworld

Patricia said...

1. Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Heather Ross
2. Purples, pinks, light greens, turcoise
3. Flowers, cute animals, paisleys
4. Purses, tote bags, pillows, quilts, zippered pouches, table runners, pin cushions
5. Different fabrics that you can't find anywhere else, new fabrics, vintage, japanese
6. Fast shipping, quick responses, great products
7. Pictures and ideas that inspire me to create new things, wonderful stories, information on the newest fabrics and designs
8. The one with the weiner dog, he is just too cute!

Steph said...

1. Alexander Henry
2. Anything bright and fun
3. Anything with Birds
4. I'm just getting my feet wet in sewing, so anything I have a pattern for!
5. Linens maybe?
6. Good pictures, fast shipping, reasonable prices. I LOVE your Fat Quarter of the week sales too!
7. Tutorials, craft ideas
8. Top one (pink with flowers)


Hyla Waldron said...

1. I do not have a favorite designer, I just pick what I like!
2. Hmm favorite fabric colors.....fuchsia, green, aqua.
3.I like large prints, nothing too busy.
4.I create clothes for my daughter and now we have a baby on the way, so it is baby blanket time.
5.I would like to see organic offerings more. It seems other people can find it, but I am having no luck.
6. I expect a convo saying they received my order and when it will be shipped out.
7. Interesting information or a personal blog that is similar to my life...stay at home mom, with 3 kids and another on the way..something similar, or green tips
8. I like the polka dot fabric above, but I think they fit nicely together as well


KPP said...

1. Amy Butler
2. Purple
3. vines, plant like
4. bags, clothes, quilts
5. bamboo
6. efficient, either fast shipping or notification of shipment
7. amusing
8. The bottom one

Jennifer Ladd said...

1. Kokka
2. Bright ones - anything bold and bright
3. I tend to like anything with birds. I like bright flowers, too.
4. I make bags, purses, bibs, baby booties.
5. I love Japanese fabric. I also love organic fabric.
6. I like fast shipping and good communication.
7. Giveaways, interviews with Etsy sellers, shopping picks
8. I love those dogs!

Thanks so much for the chance to win! I am crossing my fingers!!


Cheri Pie said...

1) i love designs by amy butler, alexander henry, michael miller....
2) fabrics with shades of the same color... like reds and pinks or yellows and oranges
3) birds, owls, stripes, spots, damask
4) i mostly do applique work but i am setting up lessons to learn how to use my sewing machine! i'm so excited:)
5) i don't really know much about different types of fabric, but i would like to see more trendy styles for boys
6) quick shipping! clear communication.
7) pictures, inspiration, giveaways, unique writing style, un-cluttered
8) the spotted one is my favorite and the top one is second. i don't really care for the dog print


secret cake said...

1. Right now I'm loving Joel Dewberry.
2. Browns, blues, greens, 'pumpkin' orange and pale, pale yellows.
3. I'm drawn to damasks and patterns that coordinate without being to "matchy matchy."
4. Smocks and skirts for my daughters, zip pouches, small totes/purses and quilts.
5. Sustainable materials and business practices.
6. Fast, personable, creative, customizable/flexible.
7. Great pictures, how-to's, giveaways, etc.
8. Love the top two! Those polka dots are great and I like the tiny flowers on the top one.

Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway-- fun!

Allisa Jacobs said...

What a fun giveaway!

1. Alexander Henry & really excited about Anna Maria Horner
2. Green & Oranges
3. Polka Dots & florals
4. Totes, handbags, baby items & lovelies for around the house
5. some that can't be found EVERYWHERE....
6. personal & friendly
7. genuine & interesting (and pictures :)
8. The top one for sure!

Thanks so much!

Estela said...

1. Alexander Henry, Joel Dewberry
2. I love all colors!
3. i love nature inspired fabrics
4. pouches, and on the bellies of my felt/fleece owls/birds
5. I'm not too picky
6. I like to receive an email to know when it's been shipped, i like to be acknowledged.
7. Fun pictures of the writer, of their products
8. I like the one with the doggies!

great giveaway!!

The Perfect Trio said...

1. What designer or fabric company do you like the best? I think Alexander Henry makes VERY fun fabrics! Amy Butler is my second fave!
2. What are your favorite fabric colors? anything bright!!! I love aquas, pinks, lime, yellow!!!
3. What designs to you tend to me drawn to the most? polkadots! They are just too much fun!
4. What lovely things do you create with fabric? I make initial tees and othe appliques.
5. What types of fabric would you like to see more of? I'd like to see more knit prints.
6. What type of service do you expect when buying from etsy sellers? common courtesy is always nice. nice packaging. maybe a little freebie...even if just a snippet of stickers! it brings a smile to my face! :o)
7. What brings you back to a blog or what holds your attention? creativity, pictures...lots of pictures! i love people who have a way with words too!
8. Which is your favorite of the three fabrics pictured above? the hotdog dogs!!! oh, well, the polkadots are even more fun!!!! LOL

Thanks a bunch for such fun questions!


sonia said...

1. right now, Sandy henderson
2. very bright colors. pinks, reds, oranges.
3. very graphic designs...floral mostly. But lately i'm loving the mushrooms!
4. aprons, quilts (only partial ones so far, heh).
5. hmm, don't know. Maybe lots of diff't ones. big variety.
6. quick service. I expect my fabrics to be shipped out within 2 days usually.
7. lots of photos!
8. the polka dots. I have a thing for polka dots.

Susan Cahill said...

1. Any 30's, 40's or Civil War collection - I can't get enough of the past.
2. Pink!! every shade
3. Retro, retro, retro!!!
4. As many quilts as I can find time to do
5. Fun late 60's and 70's prints
6. Fast is great.
7. Inspiration in photos, demos and stories.
8. The middle one - love any kind of dots!!
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Dragonfly fine designs said...

1. Joel Dewberry, Alexander Henry
2. Black, white, yellows, green, red
3. paisley, birds, polka dots
4. everything, but mostly baby items
5. organics, flannel
6. email saying that they received my order, and an email regarding shipping
7. pics, and good combination of life and business
8. The dogs, but all of them are cute

Thanks so much!


delliechan said...

1. Cross between Amy Butler, A. M Horner and Erin McMorris.
2.Pinks and Reds.
3. Polka dot type patterns and small continuous designs (better for small projects)
4. Monogrammed towels, Adding fun colour to small towels/tea towels. Small baggies.
5. ?? I like what you have
6. Quick , friendly & fast shipping
7. Regular updates - great pics - How to's. Creativity - personality/Inspiration.

the middle dotty one :)

Thanks heaps Adele!!

FaithfulMommy said...

1. No favorites (yet)
2. black & white with one bold color like yellow or red and natural colors that blend well
3. little birdies, trees, branches, plants, animals
4. Just learning how to sew - but I have big plans for some antique chairs I found and I want to cover the seats (with fabric from your Etsy store timeless tresures, taxi, i.spy) and maybe pillows, curtains, anything my two little girls want. :)
5. Vintage and Organic (for baby clothes)
6. Super fast shipping and good quality stuff, oh and friendly
7. ideas, giveaways, Other Mommies
8. The polka dots, the flowers next and then the cute doggies.

Thanks! I enjoyed answering those! :)

TessaAnnWatte said...

1.) Love Heather Bailey and Amy Butler :)
2.) Green, pink and aquas
3.) Floral, but I always love polka dots!!!
4.) Pillows and throws, but love your wall hanging idea! I need to try that out. Thanks for the inspiration.
5.) Wide selection.
6.) I honestly love them all. They are bright, colorful and happy! All my favorite :)

Digital Misfit said...

1.I am currently drawn to Givens, McMorris, and Kaufmann, but there are so many I love.
2.My favorite fabric colors are browns, greens, turquoise, navy, and red
3. I love nature designs (trees, birds, mushrooms), Asian designs, and fun novelty prints
4. Right now I make bags and dolls with my wonderful fabrics, and I save smaller pieces for collage quilt squares for charity.
5. would LOVE to see more linen blends or med-heavy weight cottons in great designer prints
6. I love etsy because of the wonderful customer service. Every package I receive is packaged so sweetly, often with tissue and a ribbon,a business card, and sometimes even a lovely free gift.
7. Blogs with interesting content, tutorials for craft projects and a friendly owner keep me coming back.
8. my fave of those 3 fabrics would be the Dogs - so cute and original!

Thank you for holding a wonderfully creative giveaway with the very best prize of all - FABRIC!!

bethany said...

1. I love Heather Bailey Fabrics
2. reds and blues
3. large prints
4. dresses for my little one, slings, quilts
5. Japanese fabrics
6. personal, prompt
7. giveaways, humor
8. Love the polka dots


emille01 said...

1. Amy Butler
2. Any bold, vibrant color will do… but yellow is my favorite.
3. Polka Dots
4. I have 3 daughters, I make lots of dresses!
5. Juvenile prints
6. Etsy sellers are the best; I love the little extras that always seem to accompany my orders.
7. Humor, colorful layouts, and interesting topics.
8. I like them all but the center fabric is my favorite.