tutorial three...fabric silhouettes, ouch i almost stapled my finger, but not quite.hehe

doggie trio....
using fabric from heather ross's lighting bugs and other mysteries. i was searching online the other day and came across martha stewart's website...i am still amazed at how creative that woman is... bless her soul (i think we still all remenber). so, i found this how to by anna marie homer, she designs fabric for freespirit, i thought it would go well with my no-sew fabric tutorial series...this is number three. so on we go, its super easy..and lots of fun

step one ...covering the frame
* i used ready to paint canvases that i bought at beverly's for super cheap, cut the fabric so it is a bit bigger that the board, making sure that the is enough to wrap around the frame and touch the wood.
*break out your staple gun, start on one side, then go to the other side...making sure to pull the fabric snug...tight, tight, and tight. i didn't pull mine tight enough so there are wrinkles in it now after applying the modge podge.
*then work your way around the frame until the fabric is stapled all the way around, and it doesn't have to be perfect on the back...that part will be facing the wall.

and wah lah..it should look like this..but with your fabric.;)

step four..the modge podge

*the easiest step...just paint over the canvases with modge podge and then let it dry for a good bit
*and now you have fabulous glossy..or matte if you swing that way..fabric covered canvases, p.s. i almost didn't want to paint over them. and you see the wrinkles..tighter, opps!
step something ...sorry no picture
* find a picture or image of what you want to paint, cut it out and make it into a stencil
*using a pencil trace or freehand, if you are brave onto the canvas

last step...home free home
* now you got choices, you can either paint around the image or paint inside the image...half full or half empty?
* let dry and insta art with beautiful fabric..


blackfeatherfarm said...

Fun tutorial, cute idea too ! But ME with a staple gun, I don't know........

nichole said...

I have two boys and the thought of them and a staple gun ... eeesh!

Shanon Fouquet said...
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fookaDESIGNS said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! This is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing!