tutorial two - fabric covered magnetic rack with fabric magnets

here goes for my second tutorial on using fabric without a sewing machine.....or how many different ways you can use a glue gun, without burning and gluing your fingers together

the supplies....trusty glue gun, some sort of cutting device...i like my rotary cutter, fabric...either one fabric for both the magnets and rack or two for contrast...i choose contrasting, buttons to cover plus the mold and pusher, magnets, and the magnetic rack...here we go!!!

step one ...cut out a round piece of fabric, i eyed how big they need to be and it doesn't have to be a perfect circle, the closer the better though. make sure that the fabric circle is big enough to cover the mold and remember big enough that when you push the button into the fabric that you have enough fabric coming out .

step two....put the fabric over the mold making sure that is covering the mold evenly, then take the button and push it into the mold. take the pusher and push the fabric into the mold over the button, this will make sure that the fabric doesn't come out of the button...which can happen but is easy to fix...just undo the button from the mold and reposition. then take the cover and push into the mold making sure to get all the fabric covered with the cover...give a good push and wahlah....fabric button

step three...now to turn the button into a magnet....you won't believe how easy this is.....just glue the magnet on the back...the easiest step...now the fun part, watch the fingers

step four....make sure to step this up on something that you don't mind getting covered with glue, i used a flat rate box from usps. first glue the fabric ends to the rack, make sure to glue the fabric the attach to the rack...if you don't it may not stick. make sure to pull the fabric firm.. next glue down one side of the fabric to the rack...watch the fingers and the glue strands...it can get messy. now on the last side to be glued down, i made a glued hem so it looks more seamline, after i glued the hem, i pulled the fabric and glued it down......guess what?! your done...

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thanks a bunch and cheers

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