rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...im bored

im sitting patiently infront of my computer...waiting, waiting, and waiting some more till my friend miguel, who is staying with me this weekend, and my husband to get up.

its freaking 12:40, the kid is out of the house..im hungry..i want food..
okay given we stayed up a bit last night, went dancing at my tiny towns (pop 1030) fabulous gay bar...is one of four in the town. it was great i actually felt like i was in the city (san francisco) but with only a 5 minute drive home...can't beat dancing and redwoods in your backyard.

should i wake them...should i watch a movie...should i etsy...should i forum....i sure don't want to clean....yuck, maybe i can start making a bit more noise, maybe that will wake miguel up out of his snoremacous..


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