brick and mortor baby....brick and mortor

so the signage is a work in process...my husband and i decided to open a business in our town, we found this fabulous little building right off the main street next to a super busy coffee spot. the buildings rent was so super cheap, we couldnt pass it up

the building
when you walk in the door..we are going to tear out the door and the wall that you see when you first walk in...this is where my fabric business will live....i plan on selling my fabrics here too ..i also opened a new fabric shoppe on etsy.. rainbow fabrics, so everything has the same name (i think in time i will phase out adele hartlep)...and renting beach cruisers

we live in this great little resort town in northern california...20 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to a national redwood park...its beautiful

this is where i think i will hold sewing classes and the bikes will be stored on the other side of the wall on the right.

im excited


penguinsplunder said...

Oh that is so cool!! Good luck. I miss Northern California *sigh*

Anonymous said...

How exiting!!! lucky you ,I wish you all the success its a fab place to set up .
I have placed a order with you last week and now I'm following your fab blog .
from Francesca

Sing Yee said...

Wow! It must be great to be able to set up your very own brick and mortar store. All the best!

littleredappleton said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! The best of luck.