new kits in my shoppe

everything you need to make a fabulous little clutch
in my etsy shoppe


my real shoppe...this is were your fabric is coming from

more appreciation photos...being put to good use

This has to be the cute-est pictures I have seen in a about 10 minutes...hehe. I was just on flickr at the re-ment addicts group.

These ultra fabulous dresses were made by megipupu on etsy.

The shoppe makes knitted sweaters, dresses and such for Blythe, Dal, Nikki, and Odeco dolls.

Great photos and super cute wearables.

Thank you so much for the photos!!!!


made by kim in ja

This was made with alexander henry's Veronique fabric by a very lovely lady..Kim.
Her shoppe is kgiovannini31.etsy.com, she carries lovely photos, original paintings, clutches and totes.

Thanks Kim!!!


things that have been made by my customers..sygnetcreations

this is from a great little etsy shoppe...sygnetcreations's
they are located on an airforce base in florida.

she has a great collection of aprons and neck pillows and such,
she used timeless treasures love a tree fabric with great contrasting pictures to make this fabulous little crafting apron.

thanks for the pics


a fairyless tail of how it all began

so once upon a short while ago, a fair and feisty maiden met her prince charming in the great land of the marin brewing company..not far from the golden gate city.

she was smitten as was the man prince of so much charm, not to far from that night, they married a top the highest peek, blinded in the fog of the ocean below..and no one rolled to their demise, (not in this fairy tale).

as the trucks, personal driven autos, and buses aplenty rattled next to their blessed abode, the decision was made to hop in their chariot and travel to the lands afar to find new shelter away from the ho hum of the majestic like palacey city, away from the loans of chateaus and fees a plenty on numerous accounts that held the duckets, away from financial fortresses that was her life's work.
as for the charmer he still slaved away brewing ale upon ale for a tyrant on the hill, his measly salary was a box filled with pints upon pints of this filthy yuck...praise the reinheitsgebot from the old land...oh he misses his home land of purity ale.

they travel and travel, they look and look, and soon they find the cottage under the enormously giant sequoias...and they are home. healthy and prosperous.

except he works long hours and she works from the abode....he toils all night and rests all day.
a las they need a new plan just as they travel far from home and found a new settlement in the magical forest.

the plan is slowly hatched, for as the house is overflowing with beautiful, luxurious, and supple textiles that have been delivered from afar to be delivered afar.....

the charming prince and his gracious love, catch wind of a shack that can accommodated the treasures they both love, hers, the tiny trinkets and cottons woven into sheets good enough for an emperor and his clothes.

the charmenator's achilles heal is or may we say great attraction, is to the new invention of the bicycle, and everything that it stands for......

they are now living happliy ever after,well running a small business hoping to rent out bikes during the summer....ho hum :)


FABRIC SAMPLE OF THE WEEK SPECIAL..... alexander henry, birdseed, fat quarter, ONE DOLLAR

till next thursday....also 10% off my website with code... apriletsy

30's reproduction prints...

My idea of this post was to first, show my new fabric that I am carrying, my first ever order of 30's reproduction prints and give a brief history on them.

After searching on the web for more than 30 minutes, I basically came up with nothing very informative...given I read some blogs, saw some great prints, and wonderful items made with the fabric.

Though I couldn't seem to find anything more than, feedsack fabrics were once used from feedsacks because they didn't have good access to cheap textiles.

So, here are the pictures, I love the prints, I just wish the little doggies would have come too.


i got her..but she doesn't have a name yet

we took her to the pub...felt so silly walking down the street with a doll..hehe

she didn't come to the post with me though

hair flower from mrs.evils

so fabulous

yummy mushroom pasta

any name suggestions!!!!!!!


my new doll...

I couldn't resist getting one, since I am a miniature fan and a slave to cute...I went ahead and closed my eyes and hit buy.

I can't wait to get my order of clothes from re-ment so I can dress her up and take lots of fabulous pictures...hehe (how old am I)



charleston by alexander henry

this weeks featured fabric is charleston, printed on pima cotton, super soft very retro.

march 13 to march 19 ...fat quarter samples $1.00


so I finally dragged out my sewing machine

and created this super fabulous dress...at least that is what I say. When is summer here?


Opps! I can't believe I did that

As some may know, I opened a B&M store, so I made a website to go along with it. It took me a few days to get it up, with pictures and all. The most painstaking part was doing all the BLAH BLAH that goes a long with it. So I thought and I thought and I wrote and I wrote, to my satisfaction. And wah lah, I had a website.

Then I get a brilliant idea, why not sell my stuff on my site, too. Now don't get me wrong I love Etsy, I love Etsy, but it can be limited with how you can organize and if you list multiple items you never get to the top.

ie, the other day I was looking at the fabric section and in one day (not even a whole one) there was 1500 listings in the fabric section, not everything goes in that section but that is another post. 1500 listings is 60+ pages, how many people dig through 60+ pages of stuff unless you are really determined.

(back to the story)
So, I had to upgrade my website to sell on it, I thought that if I just work on my new one that my old one would still be there until I was ready. NO NO and NO, all my hours and work went bye bye in a matter of seconds. $%&* and %$#@ and *&^%(#@*.

So now I have half a completed site up and I am desperately trying to get it finished......ah my fingers hurt from listing stuff, I have over three hundred things to do. AHHH.

There is a silver lining, it does look better than the other one, I guess everything happens for a reason.

Here is my website www.raintals.com


10% off All Items in AdeleHartlep

While I move shoppes.....I am not listing any new items in this shoppe and decided it was time to do my move.

Also, if you scroll down more, I am having a giveaway!!!!!! Japanese miniatures

My second Etsy treasury

I had a brilliant idea (at least I thought so), I have seen many a treasury with many a theme, so I figured making one that was a full story.

Everything thing you need to make a bag, first the idea of making the bag, the pattern, the cutting board, and so on and so forth.

I ended up being very please with it.

Sorry the pic is so squished


softies book, 25 plush pals

a great directional book on how to make ultra fabulous, super cute plush animals, critters, and things.
comes with 25 ideas, and patterns in the back of the book.

now on sale in rainbow fabrics on etsy.


Where am I?

My super tiny town..

So I am shamelessly advertising my business, I will try to keep this to a bare minimum, I opened on the first of February...and not to my knowledge, Super Bowl Sunday. Let's say there was nay a customer, nor here nor there. So I went home to lick my bruised ego and say silly me, and damn the Raiders for never making it to the Super Bowl.

I am opened five to six days a week in the winter, most likely seven in the summer. The Russian River gets a lot of people coming to it, I even own a canoe...great fun.

I have a few more notiony things at my shoppe, some great hair flowers..and a bit more.

Love to have anyone stop by...we also rent beach cruisers!!

triple re-ment giveaway..feb 15th to feb 25th

three lucky winners will receive one of these three fabulous Re-ment miniatures.

* post a comment about which Re-ment suites your fancy the most.
* Post a comment about what your favorite shoppe item is.

please don't forget your email so I can get in touch with the winners.

******10% off one item in my shoppe*******
just mention this blog giveaway, and I will send you a refund through paypal.
coupon good through the giveaway.


a new look

I decided to change the way my shoppe looks, something more exciting, something different from everyone else. I know how easy it is to get lost in Etsy, I have been there searching for hours, not being able to tell one shoppe from the others will searching through supplies or handmade.

So with the help of a snazzy new photo program I came across, this is the way I decide to go... a little more edgy, a little more fun.

The only down fall about revamping a shoppe is the hours and hours it takes to change all the pictures, then go it an edit all listings. But I think it will be worth it, I already like looking at my shoppe more...hehe


Opening Day...Where are the customers

So today is my first day opening my B&M....I am sitting patiently waiting for people to stop by. People asked me if I am stressed out, I said...NO, but now I think it is creeping up on me. I think I'll have to post later to say what happened.

So for your viewing enjoyment, I have posted some pictures...then I am off to work on my website.

So, I am carrying few notions, since there is a store in town that carries some already...though I am the first fabric store here!!!!!!yay
bit of thread, my favorite kind is the variegating color thread...gives everything a nice touch colorful touch.
My Re-ment shelf..this is so people who have never seen them can get a peek.
Re-ment heaven...I love them so.
Pink Room......
The Re-ment display case, I have to say I never realized how big it was...this one has five sets in it...huge.
A bit of fabric, I am still waiting for a few orders to come in, so excited. It's like Christmas.

A few different fabric views...Well off send out "come to buy fabric" vibes...haha