This is for the fun of it

oops the missile is down

and the winner is...

tetris anyone

our world revolves around , what!!

everybody needs a ride

bah humbug

say cheese

sesamstraat gone bad

hitler's pussy

welcome to hands free


love laundry time

safe, very safe

it said go left


I heard it through the grapevine...Westminster and Freespirit Fabrics

That the manufacturers of Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, Anna Marie Horner, and many more will start instilling a MSRP policy that supposedly states that all of their fabrics have to priced at 9.50 a yard and cannot be discounted until a year after production of the print. This means a giant jump in prices of their fabrics especially if you shoppe on etsy.

What this will do to business is unknown yet, this price rule we start at the beginning of February. If it is not followed suppliers will have their privileges revoked for one year.

True Up wrote a fantastic article about this...

I am not sure if this will apply to previous lines, but have heard that it possibly will for lines that came out in the last year.

So all the new Jay McCarroll and others will most likely be marked up....the more I find out, the more I will keep you all informed. I hate to say this but it may be a time to start stocking up.


I've been a bit busy...

So are bikes came in, two big pallets of them, all beautiful, shiny, and needed to be put together. Sorta like Ikea, thank god my husband loves bikes.

Aren't they pretty, each one is a different color..hence the rainbow.


I got one...the coveted Treasury

So I've been on Etsy for about 8 months and everybody talks about having a treasury and how hard it is to get. I have to agree, its super hard, but I patiently waited as people's expired. Then one came available, then I freaked out.
I have no idea how to do one, and on top of that I got it on my second shoppe that I have not saved any favorites for. So I frantically try to remember my favorite shoppes and sellers, afraid that if I go out of the treasury page it will disappear. I had no idea how long I have to make one.

ahhh, the wait, the joy, the beautiful pictures.... I'm so happy, I've snagged one, isn't it pretty.


My New Year Resolution.......

Is to use capitalization from now on. I think I know why I capitalize seldomly, I am product of instant messaging and text messages, people don't take the time to capitalize when typing super fast. Considering that this has taken me a bit longer to make sure I use my caps. Grammer be damned, but I am getting on the boat.

I'm telling myself good luck. I'd love to hear everyone's new year resolution.

Happy New Year