a new look

I decided to change the way my shoppe looks, something more exciting, something different from everyone else. I know how easy it is to get lost in Etsy, I have been there searching for hours, not being able to tell one shoppe from the others will searching through supplies or handmade.

So with the help of a snazzy new photo program I came across, this is the way I decide to go... a little more edgy, a little more fun.

The only down fall about revamping a shoppe is the hours and hours it takes to change all the pictures, then go it an edit all listings. But I think it will be worth it, I already like looking at my shoppe more...hehe


JillHannah said...

I'm trying to rebrand my entire shop right now, switching the name and giving it some sort of cohesive look. I'm totally impressed you did it and appreciate quite what a challenge it can be!

Etsy love!

bananaicecream said...

I like it! good luck!

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

I first came across you on Etsy tonight as I was late night browsing for some new fabric to add to my already insane stash. What caught my eye was the way your fabrics were 'framed'. Everything looked so organized and planned and well thought-out. Keep up the great work and I wish you tons of success with your business!