Opps! I can't believe I did that

As some may know, I opened a B&M store, so I made a website to go along with it. It took me a few days to get it up, with pictures and all. The most painstaking part was doing all the BLAH BLAH that goes a long with it. So I thought and I thought and I wrote and I wrote, to my satisfaction. And wah lah, I had a website.

Then I get a brilliant idea, why not sell my stuff on my site, too. Now don't get me wrong I love Etsy, I love Etsy, but it can be limited with how you can organize and if you list multiple items you never get to the top.

ie, the other day I was looking at the fabric section and in one day (not even a whole one) there was 1500 listings in the fabric section, not everything goes in that section but that is another post. 1500 listings is 60+ pages, how many people dig through 60+ pages of stuff unless you are really determined.

(back to the story)
So, I had to upgrade my website to sell on it, I thought that if I just work on my new one that my old one would still be there until I was ready. NO NO and NO, all my hours and work went bye bye in a matter of seconds. $%&* and %$#@ and *&^%(#@*.

So now I have half a completed site up and I am desperately trying to get it finished......ah my fingers hurt from listing stuff, I have over three hundred things to do. AHHH.

There is a silver lining, it does look better than the other one, I guess everything happens for a reason.

Here is my website www.raintals.com


Hyla said...

Awwwww, it will come together soon. Sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away for a little while and then some back.

TheresaJ said...

Oh, I so feel your pain. But your right, the second time around will probably come out so much better. Consider the first one your first draft. :)

Jess said...

I think your site looks great so far! just keep chuggin along at it, and it will come together!

Shantessa Knutson said...

ijust wanted to let you know I just got my diploma for Microsoft office business specialist if you need any help at all please let me know if you need me to type up descriptions or whatnots I would love to help (for free) I am also experienced in Etsy and website maintenance :) let me know if you need help!

Michelle said...

oh no! I hope it all works out!!!