Where am I?

My super tiny town..

So I am shamelessly advertising my business, I will try to keep this to a bare minimum, I opened on the first of February...and not to my knowledge, Super Bowl Sunday. Let's say there was nay a customer, nor here nor there. So I went home to lick my bruised ego and say silly me, and damn the Raiders for never making it to the Super Bowl.

I am opened five to six days a week in the winter, most likely seven in the summer. The Russian River gets a lot of people coming to it, I even own a canoe...great fun.

I have a few more notiony things at my shoppe, some great hair flowers..and a bit more.

Love to have anyone stop by...we also rent beach cruisers!!


Michelle said...

ooo how wonderful! Good luck with the shop!!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Congratulations on your new shop and best of luck! We opened our b&m 7 years ago. It's tough on days when you don't have very many customers. Especially during the Super Bowl & other major events! They will come in later in the week! Enjoy your new venture!

Ronniejyke said...

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