my new doll...

I couldn't resist getting one, since I am a miniature fan and a slave to cute...I went ahead and closed my eyes and hit buy.

I can't wait to get my order of clothes from re-ment so I can dress her up and take lots of fabulous pictures...hehe (how old am I)


mary jane said...

i love blythe!
soooo fun!
mary jane

Melina and Denise said...

Nothing wrong with being a slave to cute!

Anonymous said...

Until I found Etsy, I didn't even know what a Blythe doll was!


Anonymous said...

I love your Blythe doll I really want one ,but they are sooooooooo expensive ,where is the best place to buy them from ???
Please come and visit my blog I have lots of dolls made up using Lovely fabric I purchased from your fab shopeee .
Love from sesga xx

Glenda said...

love your new dolly.thanks for sharing,love Glenda