a fairyless tail of how it all began

so once upon a short while ago, a fair and feisty maiden met her prince charming in the great land of the marin brewing company..not far from the golden gate city.

she was smitten as was the man prince of so much charm, not to far from that night, they married a top the highest peek, blinded in the fog of the ocean below..and no one rolled to their demise, (not in this fairy tale).

as the trucks, personal driven autos, and buses aplenty rattled next to their blessed abode, the decision was made to hop in their chariot and travel to the lands afar to find new shelter away from the ho hum of the majestic like palacey city, away from the loans of chateaus and fees a plenty on numerous accounts that held the duckets, away from financial fortresses that was her life's work.
as for the charmer he still slaved away brewing ale upon ale for a tyrant on the hill, his measly salary was a box filled with pints upon pints of this filthy yuck...praise the reinheitsgebot from the old land...oh he misses his home land of purity ale.

they travel and travel, they look and look, and soon they find the cottage under the enormously giant sequoias...and they are home. healthy and prosperous.

except he works long hours and she works from the abode....he toils all night and rests all day.
a las they need a new plan just as they travel far from home and found a new settlement in the magical forest.

the plan is slowly hatched, for as the house is overflowing with beautiful, luxurious, and supple textiles that have been delivered from afar to be delivered afar.....

the charming prince and his gracious love, catch wind of a shack that can accommodated the treasures they both love, hers, the tiny trinkets and cottons woven into sheets good enough for an emperor and his clothes.

the charmenator's achilles heal is or may we say great attraction, is to the new invention of the bicycle, and everything that it stands for......

they are now living happliy ever after,well running a small business hoping to rent out bikes during the summer....ho hum :)