my real shoppe...this is were your fabric is coming from

more appreciation photos...being put to good use

This has to be the cute-est pictures I have seen in a about 10 minutes...hehe. I was just on flickr at the re-ment addicts group.

These ultra fabulous dresses were made by megipupu on etsy.

The shoppe makes knitted sweaters, dresses and such for Blythe, Dal, Nikki, and Odeco dolls.

Great photos and super cute wearables.

Thank you so much for the photos!!!!


made by kim in ja

This was made with alexander henry's Veronique fabric by a very lovely lady..Kim.
Her shoppe is kgiovannini31.etsy.com, she carries lovely photos, original paintings, clutches and totes.

Thanks Kim!!!


things that have been made by my customers..sygnetcreations

this is from a great little etsy shoppe...sygnetcreations's
they are located on an airforce base in florida.

she has a great collection of aprons and neck pillows and such,
she used timeless treasures love a tree fabric with great contrasting pictures to make this fabulous little crafting apron.

thanks for the pics